What Customers Say

  • I had not one, but two great experiences with Greenlander, chasing whales and Northern Lights. A very honest and engaged with its duty company. Some weeks in advance I booked a Kayak tour to watch whales. As whales left Tromsø earlier this year, they contacted me to warned me about it and asked if I was still up to the kayak tour. Even so I went to water with Markus, I had really enjoyed this amazing experience. At evening of the same day we went to chase Northern Lights. It was a complicated week, as the weather was really not helping. Even so we could find it, thanks to Greenlander knowledge about the area, it was a wonderful night with great cookies, luck soup (only Greenlander has it  ) and nice Chase partners. I strongly recommend them!  
    Diego G
  • We had the best tour with Kerrtu on Wednesday! Everything about the evening was perfect, from the small intimate group size to homemade soup and cookies to roasting marshmallows under the northern lights. Of course, you cannot guarantee seeing the northern lights but I believe Greenlander Tromso will provide you with the best possible chance, and incredible experience aside from seeing the lights. We had been with Markus a few years ago and very impressed with the dedication and passion he had for the aurora and Astronomy. The tour with Markus in 2013 and with Kerrtu in 2017 are probably two of the best nights of my life! Thank you both, and keep doing what you do!
    Jessica Sandhu, UK
  • Kerttu and Markus made this experience awesome. I went out chasing the lights for two nights. Beyond the excellent organization and punctuality, we went out to places not frequented by other groups, which made the experience even better to enjoy and photograph the lights. Markus has this awesome Land Rover truck loaded with tripods, jackets to support the cold climate and food, which by the way are delicious - cookies, hot chocolate, tea and an amazing homemade soup. Definitely an unforgettable experience! If you still have a doubt on which company to pick: GO GREENLANDER!    
    Pedro Miranda
  •   I was impressed by the quality of the materials Markus uses. Besides the excellent Land Rover the thermo suits, the boots, the floor mattresses, the thermo cans, all the stuff he brings for you is first class material and most of it was either new or close to new. This gives you the feeling that this guy is not in it for the easy money, he truly wants you to have a unique experience. I think many people will agree that spending 1500-2000 NOK per person is quite a sum of money for an evening "driving around". As we saw many vans with 8-12 people chasing the lights I really felt that we had much more value for money being with Markus. Even if we would have had more people on board (never more than 6 in total) this experience was far more personal. Combined with the excellend Land Rover, his chasing skills and enthusiasm and the quality of the materials he uses I can only recommend Greenlander wholeheartedly. This guys deserves being in the TA Top 5 for NL chasing in Tromso. Go Markus!
    Chris, Netherlands
  • We spent a whole day with the charming and gregarious Kerttu and Markus who made our stay in Tromso an utterly unforgettable experience. As tour guides they are exceptional and their attention to detail was deeply appreciated. Kerttu took us to the Fjords and showed us the most picturesque and amazing scenery anyone could hope to see. She was very knowledgeable and never stopped explaining things throughout the whole day and answered every question she received in great detail. You can see and hear the passion she has and we felt like we spent the day with a close friend rather than a tour guide!...
    Sam, England
  • "Best tour ever!! Unique experience." The best tours we ever had! Markus and Kerttu are just amazing! It's just not your normal your, it's a truly unique experience. They bring in a wealth of experience and knowledge plus great hospitality to make you feel so comfortable. Markus and Kerttu are fully prepared for any needs and comfort, not only thermals gears etc but including awesome fresh hot soups, sweets, hot chocolate, mocha and they even got marshmallows for our daughter. Even my 8 year daughter was fully engaged and excited throughout for which all credits go to Markus and Kerttu for keeping it so fresh and original plus super comfortable. We thoroughly enjoyed both the northern lights tour and day tour with whale watching. With Greenlander , experience is very unique and personalized that you feel you are visiting with friends and not a company. For anyone visiting tromso, I would highly recommend to go with Greenlander for a memorable experience. They have a lot of first hand knowledge of local area, great attitude and big heart to ensure every minute of visitors like us feel happy. It's very inspiring actually. We truly thank Markus and Kerttu for the great hospitality and service. We will visit again soon!!
    Pradeep US